Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Arkansas



Accessibility Consulting

HERS Inc. provides accessibility compliance inspections per the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) and/or 2010 ADA requirements.  We can provide help you with your Self Evaluation and Transition Plan that meet USDA Rural Development requirements.                                                                  


Capital Needs Assessments (CNAs) and Physical Needs Assessments (PNAs)

HERS, Inc. has a proven track record for providing energy audits, energy ratings, CNA's for developers dealing with multi-family real estate transactions and the Arkansas Department of Finance Authority's (ADFA) HOME and Tax Credit applications since 2004.

HERS, Inc. uses USDA CNA Worksheet Ver1.5d.xls. This make it an easy transition for USDA to upload our reports into their systems. These worksheets provide a 20 year reserve analysis and HERS, Inc. utilitzes the latest version of RS Means  in concert with local contractor pricing for reliable cost data. 


HUD Green Physical Needs Assessment's and Energy Audits

HERS, Inc. has been providing both CNA's, PNA's, accessibility inspections and Energy Audits for USDA and HUD Public Housing providers in Arkansas since 1995.  Because of our familiarity with the projects across the state, we are uniquely qualified to perform Green PNA's and Energy Audits. We utilize RS Means for cost data, and provide the architectural takeoffs as part of the GPNA.  We also can provide an oral presentation of our findings upon request.  Our staff of certified home inspectors, HERS Raters, BPI Contractors and construction estimators has the knowledge of codes, building systems, health and safety issues, structural issues, energy efficiency, green construction, and cost estimating that you need.


Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIM)

Buying a home with an FHA mortgages? If you qualify for the base loan, you can borrow an additional $4,000 up to $8,000 for energy improvements and roll the cost into your mortgage and pay it out over the life of the loan. No additional downpayment and no second appraisal. All you need to show is the package of improvements will save more money each month than the mortgage payment will inrease to finance them. It reqiuires an energy rater to inspect the house, help determine a qualifying cost-effective package, and provide the loan file documentation for the lender. Call HERS, Inc. We have more EIM experience than anyone in Arkansas. For more EIM information, visit HUD's website here.