Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Arkansas

HUD GREEN PNA'S - Starting at $3500

HERS, Inc. has been providing both CNA's, PNA's and Energy Audits for Public Housing and Arkansas Housing Authorities for over 15 years.  Because of this familiarity with the projects across the states, we are uniquely qualified to perform Green PNA's. We have the knowledge of building systems, health and safety issues, structural issues, energy efficient green construction, and cost estimating, plus:

15+ years of experience facility inspection/assessment.
15+ years of experience cost estimating.
Knowledge of applicable building codes.
Knowledge of energy efficiency/green practices.
Knowledge of computer technology and systems.
Green PNA (1 Site) - $3,500 includes energy audit, mileage and required % of inspections
Discounts available for smaller housing authorities and multiple AR Sites spread around town.
Discounts available if Energy Audit has already been done.

For more information about HUD's Green PNA requirements.

Optional Services (Not included in costs above):

FLIR Thermal Imaging Report, Supply Duct Balancing, Asbestos, Radon or Lead Testing, Pest Control Testing, BPI Combustion Appliance Zone Testing, Water Safety Testing, Utility Analysis, Energy Software Modeling