Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Arkansas



Are your UTILITY bills too high?

If your electric, gas or water bills are too high, we can help you identify why and come up with simple solutions for reducing your bills. For what to expect from our Energy Audit including costs, reports and results click HERE.


Are you an ENTERGY Arkansas customer? If so, get a FREE ENERGY AUDIT!

Maybe you saw the Arkansas Times Article. Free a audit and get paid to make improvements! What a deal! Call us at 501-353-0605.

Are you UNCOMFORTABLE in your existing home?

We can help you identify issues with high utility bills, moisture issues, rooms too hot... Repairing an existing house usually means addressing duct and air sealing and insulating the building envelope before addressing the mechanical systems,  but there are exceptions. Health and safety are always the first concerns.


Are you planning to BUILD a new home?

Some of the best built homes can prove it with an ENERGY STAR© certificate. We can work with any builder to help them build a home that meets the ENERGY STAR© standards. ENERGY STAR© requires pre-drwall inspections and performance testing at completion to ensure a well-sealed home and minimum duct leakage.  ENERGY STAR© too rigorous, then at least have your home energy rated. The Energy Rating will include all the energy-related details of teh consruction of your home and estimate annual utility costs of heating, cooling, lights and appliances and help you and your builder ensure that they will be as low as possible. But start with a plans analysis before construction even begins to ensure your home is designed for peak efficiency and comfort!


Are you BUYING a "new to you" home?

If you are buying a new home and would like to have some energy efficiency upgrades rolled into the mortgage you need to learn about the best kept secret of the mortgage industry - the EEM and the EIM! (Energy Efficient Mortgage and Energy Improvement Mortgage)

Are you buying a new AIR CONDITIONER or FURNACE?

Often when air conditioning systems are replaced the ducts are not checked to ensure that you aren't losing way too much of your conditioned air to the outside. If your system is in the attic, return leaks mean you can be drawing hot, humid attic air into your home when you are cooling in the summer. Return leakage in crawlspaces mean moldy crawlspace air is being drawn into your home.  You wouldn't leave your front door open while the airconditioner was running, so why wouldn't you ensure that your conditioned air is staying inside your home?

Have your contractor test your duct leakage and if sealing is needed, include it in the scope of work. If your contractor does not have the tools or know-how, call HERS, Inc. We'll do it for you. But whatever you do, don't replce an air condiitoner, heat pump or furnace without ensurimg your ducts are tight. Check witn your utilities on rebates and incentives.  ENTERGY, for instance, has rebates for duct sealing.

Where do houses leak? ?