Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Arkansas


ENERGY STAR© Home Certification

Builders can differentiate themselves in the marketplace as an energy-efficient builder by participating in the ENERGY STAR© Homes Program. ENERGY STAR© Home certification requires best building practices, interim inspections, performance testing at completion, and energy rating by a third-party Energy Rater. For the builder, it means improved customer satisfaction, fewer callbacks, utility incentives and recognition of your company on EPA's ENERGY STAR© website! 

IECC 2009 Energy Code

We can make it simple for your home to comply with the IECC 2009 Energy Code. See a sample IECC 2009 Prescriptive Compliance REPORT here, but don't be scared off. Using a HERS Energy Rating and the Simulation Pathway for compliance you will have maximum flexibilty and tradeoffs so prescriptive requirements such as R-8 duct insulation, fluorescent lights, or R-10 slab insulation can be avoided.  

$2,000 Tax Credits 

IRS LogoHomes completed in 2012-2013 may be eligible for a $2,000 tax credit. Qualifying requires the overall building envelope (ceiling, walls, floor, windows, etc.) has to be 50% more energy efficient than the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code. It will also require performance testing for duct leakage and envelope tightness and an energy rating to generate the compliance reports.

Utility Rebates

Participating builders can receive up to a $1,000 rebate for each certified ENERGY STAR© home or apartment constructed in ENTERGY ARKANSAS service territory. Let HERS, Inc. get you started.

    CenterPoint Energy’s rebate programs offer rebates up to $600 for qualifying high-efficiency furnaces and up to $500 for a qualifying natural gas tank water heater or gas tankless water heater

    Builder and Subcontractor Education

    HERS, Inc. provides training in "best practices" to builders and subs on each project that we start with a new contractor.  Training can be on-site or in the classroom. Thraing for the building trades include classes for designing and building new homes to qualify for ENERGY STAR© Homes certification and the 2009 IECC (energy) Code.

    Contractor Recommendations

    All builders claim to build energy efficient homes, but if their homes are not performance tested and energy rated, how do you really know? You don't. Our energy raters see a lot of houses both new and existing and are often asked for recommendations. We try to avoid singling out individual companies, but we can provide lists of the builders whose homes we energy rate, builders and subs who have taken best-practice classes and those participating contractors for ENTERGY ARKANSAS' Home Energy Solutions Program. Our staff can also work with contractors new to remodeling or building high performance homes to specify and explain a scope of work, the expectations, and, when completed, verify the work was performed properly.