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ADA and UFAS and Aging In Place

For Multifamily Properties:

HERS Inc. provides accessibility compliance inspections under the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) and Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) for multifamily buildings as well as commercial businesses or private residences.

HERS, Inc. has provided accessibility inspections and "Self Evaluation and Transition" plans on more than 130 properties in Arkansas and our region.  These have included multifamily,  residential and commercial properties.


                                                  Standard Self Evaluation and Transition Plan     - $860 plus mileage
                                 ADA Consultation with Builders, Architects, Subcontractors     - $60/hour plus mileage
                                            Basic ADA Evaluation for Real Estate Transactions     - $150 plus mileage

For Single Family Homes:

Is the the ability to "age in place" important to you? HERS, Inc. can assist you and your architect in designing or redisgning your house for accessibility so that these features will be an option now or someday in the future. 



                                     Existing Home Evaluation     - $150
                                                      Plan Reviews     - $60/hour
        Consultations with Builders, Subs, or Architects     - $60/hour