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HERS Energy Rater Training

Rater Field Inspector (RFI) Training

A Rating Field Inspector (RFI) is an individual certified by a Rating Quality Assurance Provider to conduct field inspections for home energy ratings. Under the direct supervision of a certified Home Energy Rater, an RFI may conduct the inspections and necessary basic performance tests (air tightness and duct leakage) to produce a home energy rating. This certification requires the ability to identify and quantify building components and systems.

Rating Field Inspector (RFI) candidate must complete five (5) probationary inspections with a Mentor using the RESNET RFI Field Evaluation Form.  At least one (1) inspection must be a rough in inspection and one (1) must be a final inspection. Ten (10) supporting photos must be taken at each home. All required RFI tasks during the final evaluation must be successfully completed in one exam period. The candidate must then pass the RESCAZ simulation exam through an accredited Training Provider ($199).

HERS, Inc. training Training starts with one to two days (depending on the experience of the candidate) in the class room.

RFI Training Cost

Cost: $1,800 payable to HERS, Inc. Training can take place in Little Rock or on-site with program house for utility or weatherization projects or in new construction sub divisions. Discounts available if if more than one candidate in a company takes the RFI class at the same time.

Call Ron at 501-680-8675 or email if you have questions.

Energy Rater Certification Requirements

A home energy rater candidate must complete an online class of energy rating and building science basics; pass the national core competency test with a score of 80 or greater ($100); perform two field ratings in the presence of a trainer; conduct three additional probationary ratings through a RESNET Accredited Rating Provider, pass an online Combustion Appliance Zone  (CAZ) simulation exam ($199); and pass a 3D Practical Exam ($250) which focuses on field data collection, and sign a partner agreement with a RESNET Accredited Rating Provider that oversees ongoing oversight and QA.

Most Energy Raters in Arkansas use EnergyLogic as their Provider (as does HERS, Inc.).

RESNET Energy Rater Training & Cost

The Energy Rater class is a combines 48-96 hours of online training at your own pace plus 4 days in the field. EnergyLogic provides the online class. HERS, Inc. provides onsite field training and exam prep.

Cost: $2,500 payable to EnergyLogic for Phase 1 & 2 plus $549 testing costs shown above payable to the test providers. For more detailed info on the class and registration, go to:

Call Ron at 501-680-8675 or email if you have questions.